12x23: The Best of Creepy Wilderness Stories

12x23: The Best of Creepy Wilderness Stories

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Stories in this episode:

Camping Nightmares | Kit (1:28)
My Old Summer Camp Counselor | i_am_a_grocery_bag (10:51)
Chased In The Woods | Hannah (16:49)
The Pervert Who Stalked My Dad and I | Brandon M (26:16)
Hidden in the Woods | Danishgirl92 (42:38)
The Man in the Woods | Madi (45:24)
Idiot Hunter in the Woods | Sir_Sillypants (50:11)

Extended Patreon Content:

My Time in Rural New England | Mark
My Darkest Beachside Drive | Madeliene
How I Learned to Stop Being Such a People-Pleaser | Gillian
The Weekend Trip That Was Cut Short | Tariq
One Way, Wrong Way | prdoncella

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