8x11: The Man in the Closet - Let's Not Meet

8x11: The Man in the Closet - Let's Not Meet

Stories in this episode:

- The Man in the Closet, by Anon (0:48)
- Groomsman Steve, by CC (4:35)
- Why I Don't Flirt With Customers Anymore, by Macey (13:45)
- Christmas Day Creep, by Jessica (23:37)
- The Online Stalker, by Michelle (29:22)
- I knew I smelled Burning Hair, by The Mail Lady (34:37)
- The Construction Dude, by Auston (52:00)

Extended Patreon Content:

- My True Horror Story, by Layxs Stories
- Mr. Gross, by SC
- My Backpack Saved Me, by Kay

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